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Racial Stereotypes on the Campaign Trail

January 21, 2012

0 I came across this segment while listening to NPR earlier this week. New Gingrich recently referred to President Obama as the “food stamp” president. Many people–like Rep. James Clyburn who is quoted in the article–see this as an attempt to build on the stereotype that blacks profit disproportionally from welfare programs. However, this perception […]

Andy Warhol Icon Group Post

January 12, 2012


  As an icon, Andy Warhol represents pop art, subversive culture, and avant garde fashion. Warhol’s iconicity is recognized by his contrasting black turtle neck and bleached, straightened blonde hair. In this advertisement Vidal Sassoon attempts to appropriate these characteristics in order to associate their significance with their hair products. The advertisement attempts to persuade […]

“I am I Be” — De La Soul

January 11, 2012


After watching the documentary in class today that discussed current mainstream hip-hop’s depiction of masculinity (power, violence, misogyny, etc.) I thought that it would be interesting to examine how hip-hop can also offer a differing ideology. I chose De La Soul’s song “I am I be” from their 1993 album, Buhloone Mindstate. It begins with […]