Postmodernism and you: The Xenos Christian Fellowship’s Guide

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Thought I’d share the whole guide because it’s extremely interesting. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily anti-postmodern in all aspects (I can’t get a read on what they feel about objective history, but the language they use feels very loaded, particularly when they compare feminism to Marxism because I can’t quite tell whether or not they approve or disapprove of Marxism…), but certainly their interpretation of Postmodernism’s view of religion is extremely critical, as is their view of postmodern influence on law, healthcare, and psychotherapy. This is understandable, as Christianity is rooted in the concept that there is a grounded, real truth to the universe and that it lies in God, so the idea that there is no truth would definitely be of concern to a more traditionally Christian mindset. I’d definitely recommend reading it, it’s incredibly fascinating.

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