Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality

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This image is a part of a series done by a photographer who compared how food  is  portrayed in advertisements to what the food actually looks like in real life. He recreated the ads by using the same lighting and angles found in the ads but instead used food he got at fast food places. To an extent we acknowledge that actual fast food does not look the same as the food in the ads but putting the two images together makes the difference even more striking. This also an example of how advertisements distort the image of what they’re trying to sell.

The media also sends mixed messages, encouraging consumerism in the form  of  overindulgence in food and at the same time promoting diet plans and pills. I have noticed one advertisement could be about an enormous burger, and then the next ad is about Weight Watchers. As a result it is possible that such ads can contribute to unhealthy eating habits. Can such ads be regulated? Or is it enough to just make sure these kinds of ads are spread out more rather being shown back to back?

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