On Disability, Access and technology

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I wanted to post a link to one of my favorite disabled bloggers, an autistic person named Amanda Baggs. But I confess I am always worried (maybe this is patronizing of me) about giving her too much publicity because of how poorly  people sometimes act towards others. Not that I am concerned about you all in this class – I have great respect for your open-ness to new ideas, but more generally because increasing readership can eventually lead to increasing hostile comments which can be tiring to deal with. Still, she is blogging, so she is aware of the possible repercussions. I would just ask you to read her carefully and consider the implications of posting/linking to her work (as we ought to consider with anyone really) in a wider context.

here’s an amazing video about her language (which involves flapping her hands) that Amanda did

And this blog post is a fascinating window into BOTH how computers and the internet can be liberating but also reveal something about our stereotypes about disability and normality, and challenges many assumptions about mental ability, illness or what people in the disablity activism movement call “neurotypicality.” NT is the abbreviation for “neurotypical” and it means “the idea of what is normal mental functionality” – so this blogger considersherself non-neurotypical. The analogy for NT with respect to gender for would be gender-conforming or in a more biological sense “cisgender” – the first means conforming to dominant gender stereotypes and the second means looking visually like the biological sex you were born with- and the opposites would be non-gender-conforming or “trans.”

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