Famous for being famous

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Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian empire is the epitome of a celebrity who is “famous for being famous”. Apparently it started when she was spotted a few times with Nick Lachey after he broke it off with Jessica Simpson. At the time she was friends with Paris Hilton – who you could say is also famous for being famous- and the paparazzi took a liking to the pair. Now with her own show, clothing line, clothing store, nail polish ect. she is an iconic image in American society. I found on Kim’s website that she had just traveled to Haiti with her mother, Kris Jenner, who helped create the Kardashian empire. If you look at the photos, Kim and Kris are shot in full makeup and hair with unidentified black people in Haiti. This pertains to what we were talking about in class on how celebrities are shot in places like Haiti surrounded by colored people were are not even recognized or given a name. The people that surround Kim Kardashian in the pictures are captured as props rather than people. This is a way Kim is keeping her image as the in front of the paparazzi by traveling to Haiti to show she is concerned with Maria Bello’s charity.




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