Carrie Bradshaw in Christian Louboutins

Posted on January 14, 2012 by


I found this picture of Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex & the City) displaying her obsession for designer shoe – wearing glittery gold Christian Louboutins in Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is clearly portrayed as the “cosmo girl” wearing ridiculously expensive shoes while if you look in the background you can see she in on the streets of New York City and comparatively overdressed for the occasion. If you click to the next picture, Cosmopolitan advertised a “look for less” – $87.66 Charles by Charles Davis shoes that resemble the gold glittery Christian Louboutins that Carrie Bradshaw is wearing in the picture. This relates to what we were talking about in class about how “cosmo girl” is able to dress like she has money, and the advertisements that make this possible.

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