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1. Oprah Winfrey is the image icon.

2. Oprah is associated with female power, domesticity, self betterment and optimism. While defying racial and social-economic boundaries she buys into the mammy stereotype in the sense that she is a powerful, maternal, desexualized black women who is concerned with the well being of her audience which is usually decoded as white by default.

3. The product being sold is the ‘O magazine’ and this is done by a constant presence of Oprah on the cover where she is often directly engaging with the audience through framing or eye contact. The cover of the current issue represents Oprah dressed conservatively in the sense that she is not revealing but the colors of her clothes are very bright and lively. The general tone of the cover is jolly and cheerful with a sentence ‘FRESH START’.  The topics addressed in the magazine are centered around self betterment, beauty, health, well being and hope which are themes that directly relate to her iconic image.

4. We did not feel particularly persuaded but this is probably due to the fact that the messages she promotes are targeted towards an older audience and are not necessarily things that we as young adults are seeking.