FIRST! Beyonce…

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Beyonce is a symbol of female confidence, ambition, strength, and sexuality — she’s released several songs about her own independence and confidence in herself (such as Single Ladies and Irreplaceable). These songs have become anthems for women to empower themselves and assert their own confidence as single and independent from men. She is also well known for owning her own media empire, imbuing her image with a connotation of business success. Her achievements are further highlighted for her race and vibrant sexuality, which inspires millions of aspiring women and girls from every background.

This ad plays on people’s (especially women’s) aspirations and desires using the phrase “catch the fever,” implying that the viewer wants to be successful and attractive just like Beyonce. In addition, the name of the product is called “Heat,” a word which brings up connotations of sexuality and vitality associated with Beyonce. The product itself, as a fragrance, is related to intangible personal qualities — extending the appeal from just Beyonce’s physical qualities to her greater character.  It makes for a persuasive message to those who know of and admire Beyonce for those qualities.

Of course, for those who don’t know of Beyonce’s professional accomplishments and personal character, her meaning as an icon is reduced to just her immediate and sexual visual presence. The ad itself only plays on that physical aspect of her, not emphasizing  the other sides she’s known for.

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