The Funniest Moments of Black Dynamite

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I mentioned this movie in class but I thought I’d share it with everyone. Black Dynamite starred and was written by Michael Jai White (Kill Bill, Spawn) and Byron Minns (Forest Gump) in 2009, and was intended to be a loving yet satirical tribute to the Blaxpoitation movies of the 1970s. Their use of humor is particularly interesting, because comedy (and especially satirical parody) can often be used to draw attention to and subvert stereotypes.

This video is a collection of some of the more absurd moments – there aren’t too many spoilers for the end of the movie. The entire film used to be in Netflix Watch Instantly and isn’t there anymore as far as I know, but you can probably find it elsewhere.

The makers of Black Dynamite were also featured on The Nerdist podcast about a year ago and their discussion of how the movie came together is also extremely interesting. Warning, there are a lot more spoilers in the interview.

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