article. 6 Stereotypes about women that surprisingly aren’t true.

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1 is incredibly informative and entertaining, but I have to admit that I would hardly consider it academic. The above article points out something we haven’t discussed in class yet which is the media’s affect on male body image. This article is about a year and a half old and focuses on how the media portrays men as overly buff, tanned and hairless. However, now I want to make an argument that the media is portraying extremely thin male models. This portrayal is in a very certain demographic and is certainly not the majority but its still an issue. For me it appears that media hasn’t improved its portrayal of people but instead evened the playing field for eating disorders.

Would this level playing field be considered progress? For me it appears that the media only ever deals in extremes. Never depicting something “average.” I’m finding that media outlets rarely reflect the world as is, because thats not interesting. Maybe we are drawn to media that shows extremes because it contrasts our reality. Would an advertisement that looks like what we see everyday be all that interesting? Probably not.



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