Hello students! ( you can see some posts as comments to this post

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Welcome to the class blog for Introduction to Media Criticism, winter session 2012. TO POST YOUR OWN POST:

when you get to the blog page, look to the top left. After you have logged in (accepting the invitation), when you mouse over the very top left of the black bar at the top of the screen, you can select “new” and then “post.” You all should have posting as well as commenting privileges. If you can’t post, it means you were added as a follower rather than an author, I will fix that ASAP.

We will be writing blog posts in class, but you are always welcome & encouraged to post entries on your own time.

You also must write at least two comments per week, one on each track. Please sign your comments, if your name is not immediately apparent from your username. Thanks and looking forward to a great class!

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